$497.00 USD

The Storyline Symphony One-Day Virtual Workshop

A 5-hour investment that will dramatically change your future for the better!

What you'll get:

  • A live virtual workshop (held online via Zoom) with customized teaching and coaching to help you write your future
  • All the tools and resources necessary for you to create the daily plan to turn your dream into reality
  • Access to the digital course for further insights and help throughout the year ahead
  • An online community to encourage and give accountability for you to reach your desired destination

We host a virtual workshop every 30-45 days so purchase your seat and help us choose the next date!

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Customer Service

The Storyline Symphony team is here to support your every step! Questions? Email us at [email protected].

What People Are Saying:

Maybe the intention of the workshop wasn't therapy but that's how it affected me and revealed a huge blind spot in my spiritual life that's been affecting my success and opportunities.

Josh Henderson

Wow, that was a great session! I’m excited and energized and I loved the workshop. More importantly, I’m now equipped with practical tools to begin writing my Symphony!

Rachel Irish